LC-LC Simplex Coupler

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Adapter หัวต่อ ข้อต่อตรงสำหรับหัว LC แบบ SImplex (เส้นเดียว) สำหรับใช้เชื่อมต่อสายสัญญาณไฟเบอร์ออฟติก ชนิดหัว LC ค่า Loss < 0.2 db


LC simplex coupler

A fiber coupler is a device for detachable (active) connection between an optical fiber and an optical fiber. The two end faces of the optical fiber are precisely butted together so that the optical energy output from the transmitting optical fiber can be coupled to the receiving optical fiber to a large extent. And make it involved in the optical link to reduce the impact on the system


The advanced grinding equipment ensures the centering deviation of the fiber. It adopts ceramic sleeve with high temperature resistance, acid resistance and high hardness. It has high reliability and stability, ultra low insertion loss, high return loss, and more than 1000 insertion and removal times. Can effectively suppress the noise of the ground loop and eliminate interference


An optical device that realizes the distribution or combination of optical signal power between different fibers. It is composed of the mutual exchange of the guided wave energy in the core region of the fiber by using different fiber faces. According to the type of fiber used, it can be divided into multimode fiber, single mode fiber and polarization maintaining fiber coupler. Fiber coupler (Coupler), also known as flange, is used to realize optical signal splitting/combining

Application range

Optical fiber distribution frame (ODF); optical fiber communication network; fiber broadband home; fiber CATV; fiber instrument table; fiber LAN

LC interface

Made with an easy-to-use modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism. The size of the pins and sleeves used is half that of ordinary SC, FC, etc., which is 1.25 mm. This can increase the density of the fiber optic connectors in the fiber distribution frame. The outer casing is generally sky blue.

professional title

Fiber Coupler / Fiber Adapter / Fiber Connector / Fiber Splitter / Flange / Flange


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