One Click Cleaner SC/ST/FC (Over 800 Cleaner)

One Click Cleaner SC/ST/FC (Over 800 Cleaner)
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One Click Cleaner อุปกรณ์ทำความสะอาดหัวไฟเบอร์ออฟติก (Fiber Optic Cleaner) คอนเน็กเตอร์ SC, ST, FC ขนาด 2.5mm ใช้ทำความสะอาดได้ 800 ครั้ง / 1 หลอด

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Product Overview:

One-touch optical fiber cleaner 2.5MM is designed for the cleaning of connectors such as SC, FC, and ST. Convenient, easy removal of dust, oil and debris from end surfaces without wiping

Product features

  • Clean with just a push
  • Clean up after use, use more than 800 times
  • Material: Anti-static resin
  • Easily clean the end of the fixed module
  • The cleaning head length is retractable
  • The cleaning system rotates 180 degrees Fully clean
  • Cleaning is completed "Kata" sound prompt

Product Applications

  • Fiber Optic Network Rack and Wiring
  • Outdoor FTTX
  • Fiber Cable Assembly Product Facilities
  • Laboratory Inspection
  • Servers, Switches, Routers, and Optical Add-Drop Multiplexers with SC LC Interfaces


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